Saturday, January 23, 2016

Well, that's one way...

My husband eats a lot of salads and I like one every now and then as well.  We have had a salad spinner for years now and it's used quite a bit.  But it takes up a lot of space, especially in the refrigerator, where it's used with a dishtowel inside to absorb moisture and keep the salad in good shape.  

Last week my husband emptied the spinner when he was packing his lunch and set it on top of the oven.  And that is where it stayed because usually he just rinses it out and fills it up with the next bunch of lettuce.  And then one day shortly after, he used the oven. (Dun dun DUN!) This is what I found when I decided he wasn't actually going to refill the spinner and went to move it.  So now we have a hunk of plastic that isn't going to do us any good, so out it goes.

We may replace it at some point, and I will keep an eye out at thrift stores and yard sales, but for now he is going to try the method posted here, using a cloth bag or very large, thin dishtowels that we have:  My Plastic Free Life .  

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