Sunday, June 12, 2016

Goings on

My two latest fosters, Norman and Tate. Tate weighed 6 oz when I got him a few weeks back. I've had him at the vet twice since then. He stopped wanting to eat and had GI issues for unknown reasons. I'm amazed that motherless kittens survive at all, as they are always so sick. Every time, without fail.  He's doing well now though, and was up to over 13 oz last week. He is eating some crunchies but mostly wants to be bottle fed. Norman had a little kitty cold but is doing great now too. 

I used to post pictures of my flowers and garden. Then I got involved in animal rescue. Ha. Now I have no garden and only flowers that can take care of themselves make it at my house. 
Someone threw these two young mamas, likely around 6 months old, and their 9 babies out in a box in someone's yard. We had no space at the humane society but what do you do?  Thankfully a foster stepped up. Taking care of a mama cat who had kittens is no more difficult than taking care of a single cat. Mama does all the care of the kittens and you just have to provide necessaries for mama. These mamas are co-nursing their babies and nobody, including them, has any idea who belongs to who. :)  One baby was dead when they arrived at the shelter, but these mamas are taking good care of their 8 remaining kittens. 

And last but not least: This puppy was the last of 5 being given away at my local Walmart parking lot. Please discourage anybody you know who does this from giving away animals this way. Most likely they won't be spayed or neutered, so will contribute to overpopulation of pets and frankly, death and neglect of said animals. Or they might be snapped up by someone who will use them as bait for dog fighting. Or they might die a slow death from parvo. Just being real here, folks!  This little girl is now safe with a foster, and will be adopted out in the Northeastern US to someone who has been thiroughly checked out. 

We did manage to take a family vacation recently. More on that in my next post! 

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