Monday, February 15, 2016

Last week

.....this little guy turned 8!  We celebrated by going to his choice of restaurant for lunch, Steak and Shake, where I proceeded to have neither steak nor shake. I did, however, have a bowl of soup and some fries. 

...I came home from 2 days away to this little baby and his 3 siblings!   His mama, Nellie, came to us from a hoarder situation with 19 cats. The filth was unbelievable.  I brought her home because a shelter environment is not a good situation for newborn babies if it can be helped. Nellie gave birth the day that I left to go out of town. She had 3 overnight and one around 8 in the morning on February 10th. Thankfully my sister was here. I wouldn't have left Nellie alone, knowing she could give birth at any moment. So far all 4 kittens seem healthy and their eyes are beginning to open.  

...we discovered Ruby Tuesday will still make the spaghetti squash marinara for you, even though it's not on the menu anymore. At least one location in Missouri, that is. 

...we went out of town for this reason:  our nephew graduated from a combined basic training/AIT at Ft. Leonard Wood. We were able to join his grandma, and his dad and partner for the graduation and family day before. 

It was an eventful week, that's for sure!  

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